You can have it all in 2018, health, love, and happiness.  There are many quotes, poems, books, and songs written on these topics.  However, none of these words appear in my favorite quote by Mahatma Gandhi.  His quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world” has been my slogan for many years.  One of my goals in 2018 is to share knowledge that I have acquired over seventy years of life.  My general audience is the world at large; however, my principal, targeted audience is people of the Christian faith.

I had the opportunity to visit three different nursing homes in three different states in the United States during the Spring of 2017.  Additionally, I made several visits to an assisted care facility to fellowship with an elderly friend. These experiences opened my eyes to the realization that disabled and elderly individuals are being confined at an alarming rate.  Also, during 2017, I read that the lifespan in the U.S. has continued a downward spiral.  Both situations imply unfavorable health and wellness trends, and increased burdens for the health care industry.

Among people turning 65 this year, it is forecasted that 69 percent will need some form of long-term care – whether in the community or in a residential care facility.  There are approximately 364 nursing homes in the State of Georgia and over 15,000 nationally. In some counties, the number of assisted living facilities equals or exceeds the number of nursing homes.  Consequently, it is necessary to take immediate, positive, aggressive measures to alter these disparaging developments.  Hence, we solicit families and churches to become advocates for improving health and wellness in our communities.

One may ask, why target people of the Christian faith?  If there were no individuals on the Sick and Shut –In List in Christian churches, no Christians in divorce courts, no Christian clients of psychiatric or mental facilities, and no premature deaths amongst Christians, then there would be no need to target them.  However, since all the above conditions exist, the MLBeal Consulting, Advocacy Program is designed / committed to share knowledge beginning with families and Christian churches.   Through teaching, training, and outreach on quality of life, health and wellness topics, we envision a greater initial breakthrough.   We encourage churches to develop and implement a Ministry of Healing that extends beyond periodic visits to sick church members and local nursing homes.

In my initial Blog article, “What is Your Quality of Life,” I shared aspects of my centenarian mother’s quality of life training.  The gist of this information is summarized below:

Luella Beal’s Formula for a First-rate Quality of Life

Put God FIRST (maintain
a faithful prayer life)

Not smoking cigarettes Laugh a lot

Eat green
leafy vegetables

Maintain moderate
body weight
Enjoy humor
Eat balanced, nutritious
meals regularly
Exercise frequently

Maintain a positive-based
circle of friends

Sleep at least seven (7)
or more hours nightly

Get daily sunshine
and circulatory air
Work diligently within
your natural skill set

Drink at least 6 to
glasses of water
daily each day

Love much, love often

Maintain a clean
mind, body and soul

Enjoy a clean
living environment

Because of agricultural, technological, social, political, economical, legal, and spiritual changes in our environment:  many individuals are at a loss regarding how to harness these changes and experience the best life possible.  Through firsthand experiences, testimonies of others and personal evaluations, I have discerned that: medical testing and screenings, medication analyses, as well as vitamin and mineral supplementation, should be added to the   Luella Beal’s Formula for a First-rate of Quality of Life.

To learn more about how you can begin now to improve your own quality of life, to learn more about health and wellness, and other related topics, join MLBeal Consulting, LLC for monthly round table discussions in 2018:  Here is a schedule for those events:

Health & Wellness Discussion Calendar

Month Topic
January Smoking Cessation, Asthma Awareness
February Heart/High Blood Pressure, American Heart Month, International Condom Day, National Black HIV/AIDS, World Cancer Day
March Nutrition/Obesity, Colorectal Cancer Awareness, National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Day
April Alcohol/Cancer Awareness, National Public Health Week
May Mental Health Awareness, HIV Vaccine Awareness, American Stroke Month
June Eye Disease, National HIV Testing Day
July Environmental Health
August Obesity
September Prevention Health
October Breast Cancer Awareness
November Arthritis/Lupus, Diabetes Awareness Month
December AIDS/STDS/HIV, World AIDS Day, National Influenza Vaccine Week

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Let us unite and jointly become more proactive advocates in support of personal health and wellness.   Jointly, we can address the opioid crisis, the increase in incidence of cancer, obesity, diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, increase in mental health cases and encourage lower incidences of premature deaths.

When it comes to health and wellness, I adopt Carol Burnett’s quote, “Only I can change my life.  No one can do it for me.”

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