Achieving Results

Mary L. Beal, along with other experts, provide insight to businesses and individuals on how to have the competitive edge.

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Luella Campbell Beal:
A Force to Reckon With

A biography about Mary L. Beal’s mother, Ms. Luella. This is the story of an extraordinary woman who lived a for over 100 years.

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Help Me Cross Over
from Earth to Heaven

The sequel to “Luella Campbell Beal: A Force to Reckon With.” This is the continued biography about Ms. Luella Beal and the events surrounding her passing.

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How to live well past 100 years

How to Live Well
Past 100 Years

The life story of an amazing centenarian who remains very alert and active at 108 years of life. I refer to her as one of Methuselah’s children.

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Helps & Administration

Through this service, we strive to help property owners, potential property owners, and business leaders revitalize debilitated houses and offices to benefit struggling communities. We offer assistance with contracts, leasing agreements, business forms, and other aspects of administration.

Health & Wellness Advocacy

By enhancing physical health, an individual’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health can be positively impacted as well. We’re committed to sharing practical knowledge that improves health and encourages others to live longer, healthier lives.