Key Clients

Mary L. Beal Consulting, LLC serves many different clients through our Ministry of Helps and Administration and the Ministry of Health and Wellness programs.

We have worked with a variety of different clients over the years providing business consulting and other important services. Our key clients can be grouped into the following five categories:


MLBeal Consulting wants to help the day-to-day people we meet. We believe in taking care of our own so they may live a more abundant life.

  • Susan Boike
  • Pat Wilder
  • Gwendolyn Relaford
  • Katrisha Williams
  • Joyce Seymour
  • James Beal
  • Vesta Shephard

Non-profit Groups

We are here to help all non-profit groups in our area with both our Ministry of Helps and Administration program and the Ministry of Health and Wellness program.

Past Non-profits served include:

  • Cordele Housing Authority
  • Blacks in Government Region IV
business services

Small Businesses

Our small business consulting services include the creation of business letters, leases, and contract forms.

Past Small Businesses served include:

  • J & A Tree Services
  • Williams Septic

Faith-based Organizations

We organize spiritual restoration rallies, health and bodies rallies, and provide alternative medicine, brochures/flyers.

Past Faith-based organizations served include:

  • Greater Generation of God Evergreen Church of Ministries, Inc
  • Greater New Nation Church of Jesus Christ from God
  • Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church
  • Rehoboth Church
  • Church Without Walls Ministry, Fayetteville GA
  • Evergreen Church of Ministries, Vienna GA

Care Givers

We work with patients and their families needing additional care during difficult times. These services include cleaning house, making food, picking up groceries and medications, and providing sitter care.

Past Care Givers served include:

  • Esther Freeman
  • Frankie W. Burnell
  • Mary Frances Gates



Office Hours: 9-5 M-F (appointment preferred)

Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.

- Proverbs 19:17

Helps & Administration

Through this service, we strive to help property owners, potential property owners, and business leaders revitalize debilitated houses and offices to benefit struggling communities. We offer assistance with contracts, leasing agreements, business forms, and other aspects of administration.

Health & Wellness Advocacy

By enhancing physical health, an individual’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health can be positively impacted as well. We’re committed to sharing practical knowledge that improves health and encourages others to live longer, healthier lives.