The foundation of good health is composed of eight elements. These eight elements are not difficult to obtain by practically every human being. Achieving good health and wellness requires knowledge and discipline. What are those eight elements?

  • Trust in God because faith will guide you through difficult situations, including sickness and disease.
  • Obtain fresh air daily to help strengthen the lungs and to overcome respiratory illnesses.
  • Drink enough uncontaminated water daily to remain hydrated. Care Beyond Products Some illnesses and sicknesses are the result of body dehydration.
  • A daily balanced nutritious diet is essential for optimum health.
  • Daily exercise is one of the crucial building blocks for good health and wellness.
  • Sunshine is vital because of the body’s ability to manufacture vitamin D3; and it is essential to the body’s immune system and much more.
  • Rest is another critical element of health and wellness. The body repairs itself while one is asleep.
  • The eighth essential element of good health and wellness is temperance. Temperance is one’s ability to do all things in moderation. Temperance applies to all the other aspects of good health and includes lifestyle.

Dr. Richard W. Wright cited in A More Excellent Way – Be In Health many Bible scriptures that listed the benefit of trusting in God’s words. Because of discussions on the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the body’s immune system, I was drawn to the analogy of the scripture, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine:  but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” Proverbs 17:22. He further stated, “Laughter can strengthen the immune system and that it has been documented that laughter causes the body to manufacture T cells and killer cells” and lower blood pressure.

The scripture found in Hosea 4:6 is one of my favorites when advocating for improving health and wellness, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”  The Bible tells us that the Creator has provided the herbs, plants, animals flesh that we could eat to be healthy. These scriptures taught me how uninformed the average person is about the foundation of good health.  Care Beyond’s videos on demand provide excellent free training seminars. 

I was sixty-five years old before I learned about blood tests that could measure nutritional (vitamin) deficiencies. These deficiencies can produce severe illness symptoms; however, these deficiencies can be corrected with diet, vitamins, nutrition, and mineral supplements with discipline. During that same time frame, I learned that prescription drugs and over the counter drugs could deplete the body of crucial vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, I began recall the things that my ancestors taught me about health and wellness. I began to pay closer attention to my body and changes in my body performance. Since I did not daily eat nutritious meals, I began to ingest high quality vitamin supplements and nutraceuticals.

Simply ingesting vitamin supplements was not the solution; because for vitamin supplements to be effective, they must be absorbed. I also learned that some vitamins require another vitamin or mineral to cause them to activate within the body. Other nutrients require physical activity to be effective.

During the last three decades, there has been a substantial increase in diagnoses of autoimmune diseases, cancer, autism in children, and various allergies.  Many of these diseases are caused because the body has not been equipped to fight off bacteria and germs. It has not been scientifically disclosed the impact of vaccines, prescription drugs, and over-the-counter drugs on these abnormalities in the body. I learned from an older family member that children who were breast-fed with mothers’ milk developed a stronger immune system than those fed formulas. Further research must be performed to substantiate this claim. However, if it is true that breast-fed children developed a stronger immune system, this could be a ninth foundational element of good health.

As a health and wellness call to action, I encourage every reader to share this article with family member, friend, and acquaintance. Trust in God the great physician who is the greatest healer of all.


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